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Automate Content Development with AI

Does your small business or marketing agency need help scaling content development?

MarketMate AI can help you automate high quality, personalized content without breaking the bank.

Unlike any other AI content personalization solution, our platform is tailored for marketing, learns your products or services, understands your customers' unique challenges, and tailors content that converts.

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Solution Overview

MarketMate AI Pro empowers small businesses, consultants, and marketing agencies to 10X content development across multiple channels with AI-driven automation and reach your revenue goals faster.

MarketMate AI Pro

          (for small businesses, consultants, and marketing agencies)


per user per month
An AI-powered marketing platform to personalize content at scale.
  • No prompting required
  • Creates buyer personas for you
  • Crafts your messaging and learns your customer pain points
  • Hyper-personalizes content at scale
  • Translation across 132 languages
  • Integrates with Google Drive and Microsoft SharePoint

Jane Mohr,

AR Consultant at Schaeffer AR

MarketMate AI Pro Benefits

Understands Your Customer Needs

MarketMate AI Pro can build buyer personas for you based on your product or service and buyer needs. We use your customer insights to personalize content for prospects at scale so it resonates.

Customer-Centric Messaging

Our platform crafts product positioning and messaging that resonates with your client audience's needs based on a few simple inputs. No prompting required.

Automated Content Generation

Save your business hours developing thought leadership content and advertising with MarketMate AI Pro. Our platform generates eBooks, social posts, blogs, ads, and translates content across 132 languages for global audiences! 

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Faster Sales Enablement

Onboard and train your sales reps with effective sales pitches and qualification questions based on your value proposition in days rather than in months. Unlike other solutions, our AI platform tailors sales tools to resonate with customer needs.










How MarketMate AI  Pro Works

MarketMate AI Pro follows a Buyer Centric AI Framework built by marketers for marketing workflows.

We start with your target market. The platform analyzes your market landscape and builds buyer personas for you.

Afterwards, MarketMate develops compelling positioning, messaging, and product names automatically based on your target buyer personas' needs.

Next, our content tool rapidly crafts tailored content across channels like blogs, PPC Ads, one-pagers, and social media. Generate up to 40 pages of original content in just 20 minutes.

Finally, MarketMate AI strengthens your sales enablement program by writing compelling sales pitches, prospect emails, and qualification questions that align with messaging.

1. Learn your buyer personas

2. Enhance messaging with AI

3. Automate and personalize content development

4. Drive sales enablement with guardrails

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The MarketMate AI Difference


Unlimited content (no word or prompt limits)


Industry-first AI marketing platform that crafts messaging


No sophisticated prompt engineering necessary


Automated language translation across 132 languages


Content tailored for your target audience

Do more with less!

Experience MarketMate AI for yourself and get a free messaging and content package.

"MarketMate helped draft new positioning for Everetics and easily saved me 12 hours of time crafting messaging for our website, cutting down our time spent on manual messaging by 80%."

- Shane Smith, Founder of Everetics

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Our values


We serve people first – customers, employees, and external stakeholders. Our company exists to make AI a productivity booster rather than a replacement for human creativity.


We are a company that acts with integrity and upholds high ethical standards. We are good stewards of our communities and the environment we operate in.

Trust & Empowerment

We empower our customers to unlock their creative potential and trust our employees to take ownership over their work while setting ambitious goals and maintaining high quality work standards.


We share the truth internally and externally without sugarcoating reality. Our shared success is based on the best ideas winning, regardless of the source. Consequently, we believe in being transparent about data and outcomes.


We celebrate when we try new things and learn from our mistakes. When we take measured risks and experiment, there are no failures – only learning, iteration, and growth.

Our mission

Our mission is to make personalized, high-quality content accessible to everyone.


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