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A B2B Marketing Perspective: Comparison of ChatGPT vs. Google Bard vs. Claude 2

As B2B marketers continue experimenting with generative AI tools like ChatGPT, Google Bard, and Claude 2 for content creation and other marketing tasks, it's important to understand the key strengths and limitations of each tool. This in-depth blog post compares the unique pros and cons across three leading generative AI tools to help you determine which solution best fits your needs.

OpenAI ChatGPT

ChatGPT performs exceptionally well at writing high-quality short-form content like social media posts, outbound sales emails, subject lines, and landing page copy. Thanks to its conversational nature, ChatGPT allows for a more interactive, back-and-forth experience to refine generated text.

However, ChatGPT loses coherence when tasked with long-form content like eBooks, buyer guides, and in-depth thought leadership articles unless you are paying for the enterprise subscription. The tool simply does not have the focus to sustain clarity over long thought leadership content. This becomes very apparent in complex B2B marketing topics.

On the bright side, OpenAI offers great integrations and plugins with creative tools like DALL-E 3, allowing paid ChatGPT users to automatically generate images, graphs, and other graphics to visualize written content. The newly released ChatGPT Voice feature also provides business teams yet another channel to engage conversationally with AI.

Current limitations to consider are ChatGPT's knowledge cutoff as of September 2021 – which means no up-to-date commentary on recent news, events, and research. Additionally, ChatGPT has no inherent understanding of your buyer personas nor familiarity with your product messaging and positioning. So generated content may lack the distinct brand voice and strategic messaging required for alignment.

Google Bard

Like ChatGPT, Google's Bard AI also delivers excellent short-form written content under 2 pages across various use cases like website pages, blogs, social media updates, and more.

Importantly, Bard boasts up-to-date knowledge and information thanks to Google's vast search index, accumulating current events, data, and discoveries through 2023. This huge knowledge advantage makes Bard uniquely suited for accurate market research to inform strategy and planning.

Bard also features tight, embedded integrations with other popular Google Workspace apps like Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Gmail and Google Drive. This makes it simple and efficient for teams to leverage AI directly within existing collaborative documents.

Limitations to note, however, include strict word limits within the free Bard version that restrict how much long-form content it can generate. And unlike ChatGPT, Bard currently lacks companion features for image generation and voice-based interactions.

Most importantly, similar to ChatGPT – Google Bard has no foundational comprehension of your different buyer personas nor familiarity with your brand messaging and positioning strategy. So alignment with your core content themes can be hit or miss.

Anthropic Claude 2

Claude 2 stands out as an AI assistant for its exceptional ability to produce clear, coherent, and consistent written content – whether short form or long form. This makes it well suited for eBooks, research reports, whitepapers and other complex B2B content types demanding accuracy and precision.

As a "harmless" AI focused on safety, Claude 2 is also less likely to provide false, biased, unethical, or factually incorrect output – instilling greater confidence in generated text. This helps ensure brand safety and compliance for public-facing content.

For enterprise teams, Claude 2 really excels at digesting and analyzing long, complex documents like research reports, financial statements, product spec sheets, customer case studies etc. It can accurately generate summaries, surface key insights, and create companion presentations.

In terms of limitations, Claude 2 lacks any search feature for pulling real-time data. So marketers interested in news jacking timely trends may be disappointed. Additionally, Claude 2 has minimal integrations so far with complementary tools for images, voice, slides, and other productivity tools.

And like ChatGPT and Bard, Claude 2 enters each engagement with zero existing awareness of your company's buyer personas nor an understanding of your core brand messaging - which can definitely impact content alignment.

Key Takeaways

There is no undisputed "best" AI writing assistant for all B2B marketing use cases. The optimum choice depends heavily on your specific content needs and gaps. Before rushing towards the shiniest new AI tool, carefully analyze your goals:

  • ChatGPT for conversational, interactive short-form content coupled with dynamic graphics

  • Google Bard for up-to-date, searchable knowledge to amplify your market research

  • Claude 2 where air-tight coherence and safety are paramount for long-form content

As AI capabilities continue evolving rapidly, we can expect more new releases and improvements to come. But understanding the current strengths of each tool is the key first step for B2B marketers seeking to produce better aligned content faster.

If you want to adopt a B2B marketing platform that combines the capabilities of ChatGPT, Google, and Anthropic into an all-in-one platform. Check out MarketMate AI.

Introducing MarketMate AI - A Holistic B2B Marketing Platform

At MarketMate AI, our mission is to align sales and marketing teams to unlock new levels of creativity, productivity and revenue growth. We are dedicated to advancing generative AI technology to be more intuitive and user-friendly for real B2B marketing workflows.

As the world's first conversational AI platform focused purely on B2B marketing execution, MarketMate focuses on target market identification, messaging, content automation, and sales enablement. With MarketMate AI, you can quickly generate buyer persona-tailored content that seamlessly aligns with your core brand messaging and positioning strategy.

Our platform is designed for ease of use - no need for complex prompts and coding. And no arbitrary word count limitations. MarketMate automates the heavy lifting of research and initial content drafting while collaborating with your in-house experts to rapidly refine content with your proprietary knowledge and strategic messaging guidance. It's that simple.

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