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Grow Your Business
Not Your Marketing Budget

The world's first AI marketing assistant that you can talk to with your voice

Imagine chatting with a friend – that's how easy it is to use MarketMate AI Voice

Are you a small business, nonprofit, or entrepreneur who needs help writing website or marketing content with limited marketing resources and staff? 


MarketMate AI Voice is your AI-powered marketing assistant that:

  • Writes like a human, understands your customers, and speaks their language.

  • Automates content creation for your website, social media posts, and even ad copy. 

  • Frees you to focus on what matters most: growing your business.

No more generic artificial-sounding copy generated by ChatGPT, Google Bard, or Anthropic Claude.


MarketMate AI Voice personalizes content for your customers and boosts lead generation in the process. Unlike other platforms, you can speak to MarketMate AI Voice like you're talking to a human.

MarketMate AI Voice
Free Trial Program

Working from Home_edited_edited.jpg

Try MarketMate AI Voice free for 7 days!

What's included?

           Free content for 1 week

          Free value proposition

          Free customer profile

After your free trial ends, you can continue to use MarketMate AI for $29 per user per month.

Examples of things I can help you with.

Create a landing page.

Draft a press release.

MarketMate AI - GIF 1 Short_edited.png

Generate a LinkedIn Post.

Build 3 Google Ads.

Advise me on how to reach by 100 leads per month goal.

Craft a persuasive sales pitch.

Generate content ideas.

Develop a marketing plan.

Write a blog post.


per user per month

What's included?

           Unlimited AI-generated content.

          Value propositions.

          Buyer personas.

          Unlimited marketing advice.

          Limitless content ideas.

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